Shorty after the well received 'enemy'-art, Markus approached me again for a collaboration design for Koloss and my friends from Mountain Witch.
This went on shirts, hoodies and limited decks!

KOLOSS - Enemy Of The Skateboard Business

When Markus from Koloss Skateboards told me he wanted to have artwork paying tribute to his first own deck-design AND one of his - and basically everyone's - favorite grindcore-record (cover), I immediately wet my pants out of excitement!

Totem I - Tragic Monsters

First ink drawing of an ongoing series.

THE MOTH shirt design

Did this for sludge-stoners THE MOTH from Hamburg!

Til Death

From the same 'Apocalypse'-session came this horrible creature.
T. Schweiger could surely represent the end of humanity .. or at least its decent culture.
Just ask the cats!

Salvation (Urinella)

'Drawing' inspiration from the unlikely 'end of the world'-happening in Dec. 2012.

OBELYSKKH - 'Hymn To Pan' Artwork

Using only pencil and a bit of watercolour (on the gatefold design) for a slightly more loose approach.
This beast of an album will be released in August '13!

Front design

Inner gatefold design