Record Covers

Full-fledged gatefold artwork for SPANCER's "Greater Than The Sun" album.
CD edition looks pretty rad ... full glossy surface on ultra-thick cardboard. Kinda like the famous
Stoughton tip-on jackets ... only very small. Still can't wait for this to be released in its vinyl format.

Just the front.

 Complete fold-out design.

Interior gatefold-artwork.

AIRPEOPLE's "The Golden City" was basically my first serious attempt to design an LP-cover,
that was also gonna be pressed, properly printed and distributed worldwide. Had to experiment a little here and there, so the result was more a collage of different drawings, rather than one conceptual picture. Unfortunately this was NOT released in a gatefold-jacket.

Just like the Airpeople design, the following was part of my diploma-project. I couldn't find another cool band who needed a record-cover at the time, so I just made up a fictional split-release by two befriended bands TEPHRA and SPANCER. In reality this would never have happened, so I HAD to create a dummy of the thing, which was quite fun. The red vinyl is actually an old Maxi-12" from my childhood ... "Stand Up For Your Love Rights" by YAZZ. 

The third record of my project was an album by ELIS from Magdeburg / Germany. They wanted to release it themselves as a CD with no further plans for a vinyl-edition. Too bad, since I really overdid myself on the details, which the tiny CD-format could never fully capture. So I made an LP-dummy for that one, too. Again, the white vinyl is some ominous record I bought some years ago, but never really listened to. You'll notice that it's the same, if slightly reworked design I use above on this blog. Reason is that I was very unsatisfied with the original outcome and the final released presentation of the album.

Screenprints / Gigposters

More or less recent poster-designs I made for shows in Hamburg / Germany.

The second installment of the DRONEBURG-Fest was reduced to 1 day at 1 venue, instead of the prior 2 days at 3 different venues. The art also was minimized. ;) Still I hope aesthetically challenging.

Unused (yet printed) poster for TOMBS and THE SECRET.

Screenprint variation of the first DRONEBURG poster.

Offset-promo edition of DRONEBURG 1.

Well received and personally preferred design for a crucifyingly intense show by RWAKE and DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT!

Just about two weeks prior to the RWAKE show I made two very different approaches towards creating some screenprints for the amazing COUGH and their then support of now defunct MOUNTAIN WITCH (from Hamburg). A nice handcrafted (drawn) one ...

... and a real quicky! Don't mind the simplicity, I just love how the inverted cross (ripped from the COUGH-logo) glows in that black arch. By the way, this is the old ruin of St. Nikolai church in Hamburg.


Handfull Of Typo

Here are some logos I did.

Made that recently for OBELYSKKH, along with the complete artwork for their new record.
Basically it's just a 'wacom-ised' manipulation of their preferred font ... looks a lot more metal now!

Part of the deal with DISTINCT CULT was also to create a new logo that somehow should capture their attitude without being completely ridden of individuality. Ok, I did look up the Kreator-font a couple of times, but I hope I managed to kreate a new cocktail after all.

Last year some friends organized this nice festival here in Hamburg named DRONEBURG.
I was in charge of all the artwork. This April they did Part 2 and I reworked the original logo a little bit. This one's a bit crisper (especially the insect/drone).

(old) Logo for AIRPEOPLE

Some Shirt-Designs

Here, a rather old design I did for heavy-crunch outfit TEPHRA. I still dig it though.

A couple of motives I did for doom(ed) buddies SPANCER. I also designed their latest record, which can be seen here in a while.

'Sloth Of The Dead'

'Doom Prayer'

'SunWukong Battling Demons' (Backprint - Hoody/Zipper)

Also a while ago since I made this, but who cares ... AIRPEOPLE for the deaf.

I once made this for German postrock-band ELIS, who changed their name to RUINS OF WYRD after that. Originally planned to be printed with golden colour, it's now available in grey/silver on black on their website.

One of my faves of this bunch is the one for Leipzig thrashers DISTINCT CULT. Lots of details, but the print turned out really great. The haird-do of the skeletalized guy was actually not intended ... I swear.