Walls I

The results of my very short-lived career as a street-artist!

 The 'Banana-Don' of the St. Pauli underworld ...
 Geriatric Casbah-Rockers

WURMBEZIRK (Worm District)

I once had an exhibition with Marijpol, for which I created these ink drawings.

"Growth / Marginal Head"

"Skorbut (Scurvey)"

"Speisung (Feeding)"

"The Second Coming"


This series of incarcerated gentlemen was a screenprinting project that was supposed to have a few more pictures. It ended up as only a trilogy ... and I did some reworking on them to be more accessible.


I made these screenprints of elderly couples a few years ago. There used to be some text to each piece (included on the original prints), but I wasn't satisfied with its look and placement anymore.